Frühstück im Garten mit Seeblick

Board types & homemade products

Our hearty breakfast is served at our common room with a comfortable fireplace for colder days or a terrace with view over the whole lake and sunshine in warmer days of the year. So no matter which season of the year we are optimized for the biggest comfort. Also „late riser“ won’t be refused with the words „sorry, it’s too late“, when they reach the breakfast after 10 am, when we normally close.

What we serve for breakfast:

  • selfmade jams
  • daily fresh prepared muesli „Bircher“ style
  • homemade fruit purees to flavour zum Verfeinern des yoghurt or muesli
  • seasonal friuts and vitamines of our garden e.g. strawberries, raspberries, ..
  • bread of our „Seeblick-Bakery“
  • Rolls, bacon, ham, sorts of cheese from our region
  • Fresh farmers milk which is broungt daily by our neighbour
  • On sundays we start our day with a small glas of sparkling wine

If you have problems with milky products including lactose of are allergic to gluten, please tell us in advance to prepare some alternatives for you.

Homemade products

We ourself enjoy every free minute in our large garden around the house. We a growing a lot of berries, fruits and vegetables ourself and are happy to share these best quality pleasure with our guests. We do also use wild herbs, flower blosoms and combine them for new experiments or refine some old recipes with a new twist.

Our home-grown friuts are free to eat directly at our breakfast, prepared as fresh smoothies or refined as jams to extend the pleasure till the winter months. You gonna taste the difference when you take your first bite.