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1972 Pension Seeblick - Familie Lohninger

Our History

In 1972 grandma Johanna and Anton Lohninger welcomed the first guests at our pension. This is were the history began.

In the early days of our history, nearly 40 years ago, we offered simple rooms with community showers on the floor. In the period of the following years the house was extended by 15 rooms and they were continuously adapted to pass the modern comfort and needs of our guests. With lots of love about small details the family worked together to bring our pension to the modern requirements.

Additionally to the renovation of our rooms, we installed a sauna, a room specially for kids and the whole breakfast and guest room.

1980 Pension Seeblick - Familie Lohninger

In winter 2011/2012 our house got a complete new face. Our mum and now grandma received a new apartment and within those rebuildings the whole house changed a bit.

2012 Pension Seeblick - Familie Lohninger

THe years of experience led us to optimize our working areas and create a warm and inviting entrance area, two new guest rooms. One of the new rooms was designed to be barrier-free. Also the bathrooms in the guest area on the ground floor were renewed to modern standards. And you know when you start to change, you change more than you thought about before, so more and more came together and we tried to bring a fresh and comfy line to our house.

Even after the big relaunch and rebuildings we use the winter months year by year to optimize and modernize our house with new ideas. So even recurring guests are surprised every year by our newest ideas and changes.