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Smart Digital Detox

We are living in a time of being reachable and ready all day, checking emails very often, post our status on social networks or do some small urgent tasks while we are on the way, read the newspaper online, use our precious time to sit in front of our tablet or smartphones, being online nearly 24 hours.

So often our calendar is full, the to do list gets extended every day. The only thing we miss is time for ourself and time together with the people we love – our family. So we decided to offer that possibility, to take a conscious break. You are free to use this break together with your kids and partner.

Our rooms are free from radio and tv sets

We do offers daily newspapers and magazines, books and board games, a panoramic terrace with a view over the lake and a recreational garden with comfortable seats and sundbeds. A sit by the fireside on rainy days watching the fire burn and the flames dance. Take the chance of this digital detox for the time of your vacation. You’ll free new energies and load your batteries.

The first step into something new is often the hardest one. So we offer free WiFi at our pension.

Every beginning is full of magic“ – (Hermann Hesse)